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Baby Booty has been in business for 16 years. The birth of our first grandchild spurred the desire for unusual, heirloom quality gifts---and in our search we have found first quality, custom crafted products and jewelry which we offer at very special prices. All items are "cherry-picked" and to quote Oscar Wilde, "Our taste is very simple. The best will always do." As a result, we have repeat orders from customers throughout the United States. Merchandise is shipped on receipt of your check or money order after a preliminary order for which we can establish shipping charges and the total due. For a modest additional charge, we will gladly gift wrap, enclose a card, and ship to any address at your request. Here are some of the special items we offer.
Custom personalized albums
Soft sculpture toys
Travel bags, animal puppets
Assorted board books
Wooden step stools

Hand-painted clothes trees, tables and chairs

Colorful photo cases
Personalized jewelry/ charms for moms and grandmoms in 14k, sterling or gold-filled
Rocking chairs
Reversible storybook dolls
Quiet & not-so-quiet books
Personalized dolls and teddy bears

These are "family" or "love" bracelets. The heavier one has 28 blocks, which can be a combination of letters and blocks*. Start with just one name, then add more names as needed by returning it to Baby Booty. The lighter bracelet has 36 slightly smaller, lighter-weight blocks with the same facility for change. Actually, just your initials will do the trick. Something that's YOURS ALONE!  
*Blocks can be square, flower, or heart shaped and interspersed through the bracelet, and paveed for extra pizzazz!

Here's a real "charmer"! Our Scrambled Pin is made exclusively for you in 14k, gold-filled, or sterling silver. Accommodates up to 8 children. Personalize with your child or grandchild's birthstone. Any combination can be crafted to wear as a pin, necklace, or both.

Visit us "in port" at (301) 530-0010 or send us an email

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